• Owner : PT Prioritas Land Indonesia
  • Location : Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia
  • Architect : ARKdesign
  • Interior Designer : Indesign Domus


Unlike other areas on Bali, the climate in Uluwatu is typically hot and dry. At Majestic Water Village (MWV) all of the villas are surrounded by water creating a cool, peaceful and relaxing environment. A Feng Shui Master assisted in the planning of the area, and several key concepts define the development: The position of the entrance gate is set between 282 and 286 degrees, called Gerbang Delapan Naga (Eight Dragon Gate Formula), which brings health, harmony and positive energy to those who pass through.

The buildings are oriented at 153 degrees using Wang Shan Shu (Prosperous Mountain Prosperous Water Formation) which is believed to bring wealth (materially and spiritually) to the inhabitants, while overall planning of MWV follows "Formasi Kura-kura Menatap 7 Bintang Utara" / "Turtle Formation face 7 North Star", which creates a vibrant accumulation of energy and fosters the transfer of wealth to future generations. Water flows throughout the entire site at MWV, yet each villa acts as a terminus.

The stopping of this positive chi flow is said to bring good luck. Inspired by a 1950s era of simplicity championed by Mies Van Der Rohe, MWV aims to embody a luxurious and exclusive retreat while also utilizing green building design concepts including gas water heaters, a rain harvesting system and efficient electrical usage.

The interiors of MWV look to the five senses in creating a holistic experience: Visually one feels close to nature through the indoor/outdoor design and magnificent scenery; sounds of birds chirping and flowing water emphasize relaxation while the smell of flowers and plants permeates the rooms as fresh fruits and delicious meals are seved in house; finally all the elements invite touch, as MWV invites its guests to become one with their surroundings.